OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley Chapter

Embracing the Hopes and Aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans

Founded in 1973, the OCA is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to securing the rights of Asian Pacific Americans through initiatives at all levels of the government. OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley Chapter (OCA-WHV) is one of over 80 chapters and affiliates across the United States that strives to develop leadership, community involvement, and civil participation for all APIAs.

The mission of our organization is to advance the social, political and economic status of Asian Pacific Americans in Westchester and Hudson Valley communities and the U.S. Visit www.oca-whv.org for more information.

2016 Board of Directors

Peggy Chen


Peggy has over 30 years of experience in financial services, including national and international assignments. At Citigroup, she was a Financial Controller, managing operating expenses for Citicorp Technology Infrastructure (CTI) of Citigroup North America. She was a member of the Global Data Center Strategy project where she developed a 10 year strategy that will provide capacity for business growth while optimizing Cost, Quality and minimizing Risk. In a prior role, she was the Treasurer and CFO of Citicorp International Trade Indemnity, Inc.

Peggy currently serves as Executive Vice President at the OCA-WHV and previously served as VP of Communications & Public Relations. She is a founding member of Chinese Alliance Church of Westchester (CACW) and is serving as a Board member for Mission and Evangelism. She is a coordinator for the Westchester Livable Communities for seniors and a Finance Committee Member of the Scarsdale Woman’s Club.

Peggy Chen