OCA Westchester & Hudson Valley Chapter
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William Kaung, Jenny Kho, Albert Chua, Helen Lewis, Emily Lewis, Li Lin, Daniel Lewis

OCA/FCC Joint Picnic

Van Saun County Park, Paramus, NJ, September 9, 2018

Albert Chua, Jenny Kho, Jaclyn Liu, Li Lin, Linda Sledge, William Kaung, Robert Chao, Gary Sledge, Daniel Lewis, Helen Lewis, Emily Lewis, Helen Kho, Nancy Kho

The 2018 OCA/FCC joint picnic was a big success despite the rain. We had between 80 and 100 attendees. Everyone stayed dry under the pavilion and, because we were all concentrated in one place, there was a lot of good conversation amongst the attendees.

Special thanks to these board members:

  • Albert Chua and Jenny Kho (plus Helen and Nancy Kho) who came early to help with setup, then helped with cleanup and helped with everything in between.
  • Bill Kaung, who did so much of the preparatory work and shopping, then stayed from beginning to end and made sure everything ran well despite his bad back.
  • Linda and Gary Sledge, another set of early bird arrivees who helped make setup go smoothly and quickly. Plus Gary was one of our master chefs for the whole day.
  • Jason Bobadilla, who did our shopping for barbeque and other food and then showed up bright and early with his wife Carol and their kids to setup, too.
  • Jaclyn Liu, who came and helped run the picnic.
  • Bob Chao, who helped with setup and then barbequed the whole day with Gary Sledge - our other master chef
  • Tammy Huang, who, along with her husband, came specially to help clean up.
  • Grace Pan, who came specially to help set up (even though she had to go to Chinese School)
  • Our president, Li Lin, who came even though she had Chinese school, gave OCA's welcoming remarks and worked with the other chapter leaders, then cleaned up.
  • Helen and Emily Lewis, who helped with packing the van full with picnic supplies, setup, cleanup and in-between.

We also want to acknowledge our two special assistants - FCCNY Adoptee Board members June Teichman and Rhianna Hopkins, who agreed to help OCA Westchester this year so they would be familiar with how the picnic is run for when it's FCC's turn next year. They came early to help setup and stayed through the day, running the crafts table and then helping with cleanup! Rhianna also designed our new flier and June kept track of RSVPs in addition to their day of work. It was so great to have them with us.

And many thanks to Jeff Chan and Henry Lee from OCA LI and NJ, who provided us our cooking tent and sound system and helped with setup. Jeff even stayed to the very end to make sure OCA Westchester did a proper job of cleanup so OCA NJ wouldn't lose their deposit. It's so nice to have that inter-chapter relationship that makes all of us into one big family!

Thank you all! Please mark your calendar for next year's picnic on Sunday, September 8, 2019, hosted by FCCNY.

- Dan

William Kaung, Daniel Lewis, Jenny Kho, Helen Kho, Albert Chua, Nancy Kho, Gary Sledge, Linda Sledge, Li Lin, Emily Lewis, Helen Lewis, Robert Chao