OCA-WHV Youth Awards

OCA-WHV’s Youth Awards Program celebrates the achievements of talented Asian American high school seniors from local communities. We provide both the merit-based and need-based awards in the following categories:

  • The Student Leadership Awards ($200), which are sponsored by the Vincent HoSang Family Foundation, provide ten merit-based awards to recognize the outstanding achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) student leaders from area high schools and language schools. Non-Asians who demonstrate a keen interest in Asian language and culture are also welcome to apply. (Online application link )

  • The Student Need-Based Awards include five named awards for students who have demonstrated financial needs. Students whose parents have never attended a four-year college in the U.S. or abroad are particularly encouraged to apply. (Online application link )

  • 1. The Jeannette Wang Award ($1,000)

    This award is given in loving memory of Jeannette Wang, award-winning realtor, social activist, mentor to sufferers of cancer and dynamic Past president of OCA-WHV whose crusade against anti-Asian slurs by radio "shock-jocks" made history. The Jeannette Wang Memorial Endowment Fund was established in 2015 by Alan Neiditch Esq., Jeannette's partner in business and in life, her children, her colleagues and friends. It was Jeannette’s fondest wish that $1,000 be given annually to an Asian American high school senior who demonstrates exceptional personal achievement in the face of obstacles beyond his or her control.
    2. The Avon Xiaochun Luo Award in STEM ($1,000)

    This award is given in loving memory of the late Xiaochun Luo, Ph.D., noted scientist, champion of STEM education for youth and distinguished past president of OCA-WHV. The Xiaochun Luo Memorial Endowment Fund was established in 2015 by her husband Wei Dai, sons Byran and Brandon; Avon, the company she served so well and so long; and Xiaochun's many colleagues and friends. It bestows a $1,000 grant each year to a high school senior of API descent demonstrating significant achievement in STEM.
    3. The Jean Wood Chang Award ($1,000)

    Jean Wood Chang, community activist, advocate for APIA rights in America, educator, and philanthropist, has been a member of OCA for 30 years. She has been a Board member of OCA-WHV for 25 years, and was president of OCA-WHV from 1990-1991. She also served 10 years on the OCA National Executive Council in various roles including Executive Vice-President, Vice President for Education, and Vice President for Finance. A graduate of NYU, Jean worked as a financial analyst on Wall Street before beginning a distinguished career in social action. She continues to teach in the ESL program at Hitchcock Presbyterian Church and is a key member of the Youth Awards team. With her husband, Stanley, Jean has been a benefactor for many national and local organizations. Established in 2018, the Jean Wood Chang Endowment Fund grants $1,000 yearly to a high school senior who has overcome significant obstacles and has displayed strong academic and extracurricular achievements.
    4. The Phi Lambda Westchester Award ($1,000)

    Established in 2017, the Phi Lambda Westchester Award recognizes a high school senior of exceptional promise who is confronting extraordinary challenges. This young person possesses not only a solid record of scholarly achievement but also proven maturity and strength beyond his or her years. The generous grant, made possible by the contributions from Robert and Ann Chao, Donald and Kit Chu, Wen-Ning and Betty Hsieh, Martin and Ellen Jer, William and Rose Tan Kaung, Vincent and Grace Young, and Julian Suez, will be presented at this year’s OCA-WHV Gala, where the awardee’s parents will be feted as guests of Phi Lambda.
    5. The Kho Golden Apple Award ($1,000)

    Established in 2014, the Kho Golden Apple Award, under the auspices of Jenny Kho, Helen Kho, Johnson Kho, Albert Chua, and New York Life Insurance Company, will provide a $1,000 need-based grant to support the college education of a promising student. First-generation high school students are strongly encouraged to apply. The Kho Golden Apple Award will be presented separately at the 23rd Asian American Heritage Festival in 2020.
  • The Koo Family Community Engagement Award ($600 - $1,200)

    Established in 2018 by Shirley and Robert W. Koo, the Koo Family Community Engagement Award shares non-need-based philanthropic resources to college-bound high school students who have worked collaboratively with local nonprofit groups to address specific issues that impact the well being of society. As visionary stewards, the family’s multigenerational giving fund supports grants and scholarships, community engagements, and interfaith initiatives to transform lives for the greater good. The Koo Family Community Engagement Award will be presented separately at the 23rd Asian American Heritage Festival in 2020.

Application Forms

Application materials and information packets for the OCA-WHV Youth Awards can be downloaded below.

All application forms and supporting documents must be submitted online or by email (sla@oca-whv.org). The application deadline is October 15, 2019. The Youth Awards will be presented at the OCA-WHV Dynamic Achievers Awards Gala on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

High school seniors who are the first in their family to attend college are also encouraged to apply for the OCA-UPS Gold Mountain Scholarship in April 2020.

Back: Leo Huy, Bryan Wei, Jonathan Lloyd, Janice Julian, Jenny Liu, Stacey Li, Vincent HoSang, Evelyn Lee, David Jiang, Nathan Huang, Hannah Hong
Front: Madhavi Shashank, Hana Namkung, Elise Young, Sandy Zhang, Samantha Yolanda, Anna Zhang, Verna Yin, Rachel Dong

Recipients of 2018 OCA-WHV Youth Awards

Student Leadership Award
Rachel Dong, Greenwich Academy
Hannah Hong, Fox Lane High School
Benjamin Hu, Horace Mann School
Nathan Huang, Horace Greeley High School
David Jiang, Hackley School
Evelyn Lee, Pleasantville High School
Stacey Li, Yorktown High School
Jenny Liu, Scarsdale High School
Jonathan Lloyd, Rye High School
Madhavi Shashank, Scarsdale High School
Bryan Wei, Blind Brook High Schhol
Verna Yin, Greenwich High School
Anna Zhang, Horace Greeley High Schhol

Jeannette Wang Award
Samantha Yolanda, Nyack High School

Avon Xiaochun Luo Award
Sandy Zhang, Rye Neck High School

Phi Lambda Westchester Award
Leo Huy, Blind Brook High School
Hana Namkung, Tappan Zee High School

Jean Wood Chang Award
Elise Young, Rye Neck High School

Kho Golden Apple Award
Jasmine Jiang, Mamaroneck High School
Woo Jae Tony Kang, Pleasantville High School

Koo Family Community Engagement Award
Irisa Dong, Clarkstown South High School
Diane Yang, Yorktown High School

OCA-WHV Endowed Scholarship at WCC
Sungjin Lim, Westchester Community College

From left: Jean Chang, Linda Sledge, Jessica Xu, Matthew Tu, Angela Lin, Stella Li, John Lei, Sophia Guo, James Chen, Alan Chang, Victor Cai, Max Bobby, Christopher Chan, Fiona Jiang, Paul Pedrozo, Rose Kaung, Peggy Chen

Recipients of 2017 OCA-WHV Youth Awards

Student Leadership Award
Max Bobby, Mamaroneck High School
Victor Cai, Brewster High School
Alan Chang, Byram Hills High School Sophia Guo, Edgemont High School
John Lei, Clarkstown High School South
Stella Li, Byram Hills High School
Angela Lin, Ridgefield High School
Matthew Tu, Briarcliff High School
Jessica Xu, Staples High School

Jeannette Wang Award
Paul Pedrozo, Mamaroneck High School

Avon Xiaochun Luo Award
Fiona Jiang, Mamaroneck High School

Phi Lambda Westchester Award
Christopher Chan, White Plains High School

Golden Apple Award
Noor Ahmed, Maria Regina High School
Tasia Chung, Mt Vernon High School
OCA-WHV Endowed Scholarship at WCC
Weidi Tian, Westchester Community College